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  • 人教高中英语高二上UNIT1-1

    NO BOUNDARIES Imagine this: you are twenty-one years old and a promising graduate student at one of the top universities in the world. One day, your doctor tells you that you have an incurable disease and may not have more than twelve months to live...

  • 人教高中英语高二上UNIT1-2

    It is not necessary to be a great scientist to make a difference, but there are things we can learn from the best minds in this world. Great scientists like Stephen Hawking always want to know more. They are never satisfied with a simple answer and a...

  • 人教高中英语高二上UNIT1-3

    When Stephen Hawking was writing A Brief History of Time, his editors told him that he would lose half of his readers for each equation (方程式) he put in the book. Despite this warning, Hawking found it necessary to include one equation. His choic...

  • 人教高中英语高二上UNIT1-4


  • 人教高中英语高二上UNIT2-1

    Newspapers and other media do more than simply record what happens. Experienced editors and reporters make informed decisions about what events to report and how to report them. They also make sure that readers can relate to the stories. We asked tw...

  • 人教高中英语高二上UNIT2-2


  • 人教高中英语高二上UNIT2-3

    She is one of China's fifty most successful business leaders and she has been described as being bigger than Oprah. Well known to one billion viewers, Yang Lan is among China's most popular TV personalities. Born in Beijing in 1968, Yang Lan began he...

  • 人教高中英语高二上UNIT2-4


  • 人教高中英语高二上UNIT3-1

    EXAMPLE: A: Would you like to live in a modern flat or do you prefer a traditional house? B: Well I prefer living in a modern flat. Modern houses are large and comfortable. It is also convenient to live close to your work. A: Well I must say I'd rath...

  • 人教高中英语高二上UNIT3-2

    Architecture looks at the man-made living environment. Every great culture in the past had its own ideas of beauty expressed in art and architecture. When you look around at buildings, streets, squares and parks, you will find them designed, planned...

  • 人教高中英语高二上UNIT3-3

    Everywhere in the world old buildings, such as schools, hospitals, factories and even churches are left empty because they are no longer needed. It is usually difficult to find other companies to move into the old buildings, because the floor plan --...

  • 人教高中英语高二上UNIT3-4

    We see art everywhere around us. In public parks, city squares, shopping streets and public buildings, we find modern art objects on display. Classical art, such as valuable paintings, precious statues and other fine arts, usually ends up in the col...

  • 人教高中英语高二上UNIT3-5


  • 人教高中英语高二上UNIT4-1

    EXAMPLE: A: I'm interested to read some Romantic poetry about love and friendship. B: Why are you interested in that kind of poetry? A: Because I think Romantic poetry is about real passion. B: I see. What kind of poetry would you not like to read?...

  • 人教高中英语高二上UNIT4-2

    Reading poetry brings people from different places and different times together. More than any other form of literature, poetry plays with sounds, words and grammar. That makes poetry difficult to write, but very interesting to read. Poetry also cal...

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