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  • 1997年英语专业四级考试听力MP3附试题和答案

    文章摘要:ag在线网址,山西机电职业技术学院话 只是修真界东部地位。

    1997 听力原文 PART Ⅱ DICTATION Legal Age for Marriage Throughout the United States, the legal age for marriage shows some difference. The most common age without parents consent is eighteen for both females and males. However,...

  • 1998年英语专业四级考试听力MP3附试题和答案

    TEST FOR ENGLISH MAJORS (1998) PART I WRITING [45 MIN] SECTION A COMPOSITION [35 MIN] It is now generally accepted that vehicles ( cars, trucks, etc. ) are a major source of air pollution in cities. You are to suggest only ONE way to solve the proble...

  • 1999年英语专业四级考试听力MP3附试题和答案

    1999年英语专业四级真题及答案-1999年专四真题及答案 Part Ⅵ READING COMPREHENSION [30 MIN.] SECTION A READING COMPREHENSION [25 MIN.] In this section there are four passages followed by questions or unfinished stat em...

  • 2000年英语专业四级考试听力MP3附试题和答案

    2000年英语专业四级考试听力MP3附试题和答案 一、听力 Part Ⅱ DICTATION [15 MIN.] Listen to the following passage. Altogether the passage will be read to you four times. During the first reading, which will be read at normal...

  • 2001年英语专业四级考试听力MP3附试题和答案

    2001年英语专业四级考试听力MP3附试题和答案 听力 Part Ⅲ LISTENING COMPREHENSION [20 MIN.] In Sections A, B and C, you will hear everything once only. Listen carefully and then answer the questions that follow. Mark the corre...

  • 2002年英语专业四级考试听力MP3附试题和答案

    2002年英语专业四级考试听力MP3附试题和答案 Part Ⅰ Writing [45 min] Section A Composition [35 min] Nowadays people are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of health. And they have different ways to stay healthy. For example...

  • 2003年英语专业四级考试听力MP3附试题和答案

    听力原文 PART Ⅱ DICTATION Salmon Every year, millions of salmon swim from the ocean into the mouths of rivers and then steadily up the rivers. Passing through waters, around rocks and waterfalls, the fish finally reach their original streams...

  • 2004年英语专业四级考试听力MP3附试题和答案

    TIME LIMIT: 140 MIN. Part Ⅰ WRITING [45 MIN.] SECTION A COMPOSITION[35 MIN.] Nowadays young people tend to phone more often than write to each other. So, some say that phones will kill letter writing. What is your opinion? ...

  • 2005年英语专业四级考试听力MP3附试题和答案

    2005年英语专业四级真题 -2005年专四真题 TEST FOR ENGLISH MAJORSTEST FOR ENGLISH MAJORS (2005) -GRADE FOUR- TIME LIMIT: 130 MIN PART I DICTATION [15 MIN ] Listen to the following passage. Altogether the passage will be read to you four ti...

  • 2006年英语专业四级考试听力MP3附试题和答案

    听力原文参考 The internet The internet is the most significant progress in the field of communications.Imagine a book that never rend, a library with milion floors,or imagine a research project with thousands of sientists working around the clo...

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