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  NATURAL— Learn natural English, the way it’s actually spoken by native speakers.
FUN— Learning a language should be fun! We make fun episodes
CULTURE— Through our podcast, you will learn about North American customs and culture.
CONVENIENT— Play it on your computer, or download it onto your iPod, iPhone, or other MP3 players anytime, anywhere you want.



英语博客A cup of English


  • 英语博客-北美风情 258 The Environment

    Saving the planet seems to be a topic that we hear about more and more. Environmental policies are often a political topic, and they especially are in Canada. In this episode, Andrew and Maura talk about our impact on the environment and what people...

  • 英语博客-北美风情 257 Easy as pie

    Do you wish that everything could be easy? In this episode, we talk about expressions to describe something that is easy and simple. You can use these expressions to talk about a test or even just finding your way to a new destination. After listenin...

  • 英语博客-北美风情 256 To hit the roof

    What makes you angry? What does it take to make you to hit the roof? Today weve got a bunch of expressions for you to use when talking about a person who gets very angry very quickly. When this happens, its like the person loses control and suddenly...

  • 英语博客-北美风情 255 An interview with Alexandre

    In this episode, you get to meet Alexandre. Thats a French name. He speaks English and French, and is from the Canadian province of Nova Scotia. In todays episode, we talk about Acadian culture, growing up Anglophone and Francophone, and enjoying del...

  • 英语博客-北美风情 254 That’s so sketchy

    Heres an episode all about bad and uncomfortable feelings. Have you ever been around a person who you didnt trust? Or maybe you entered a building and for some reason you didnt feel safe. It can be hard to describe what makes something seem sketchy,...

  • 英语博客-北美风情 253 Working around the clock

    The expressions in this weeks episode are used when people get really focused on things or need to continuously work at something. Its like these people are doing it all the time, and nothing else! These expressions are often used to exaggerate that...

  • 英语博客-北美风情 252 Meet Andrew, the new Culips co-host

    We have some very, very exciting new at Culips: Weve added a new co-host to our team! Now, along with Maura and Harp, youll hear Andrews voice too. Hes got lots of experience and training in teaching languages, and hes travelled a bunch too! Hes also...

  • 英语博客-北美风情 251 Introducing Emily

    Were really happy to know Emily, so that we could interview her and bring her stories to you! Shes done a lot of nursing work in other countries, including the United States and Chad. Because of this, she has many interesting stories to share. Listen...

  • 英语博客-北美风情 250 Trying to make ends meet

    Some people have a lot of money and some people have only a little bit. This episode focuses on expressions that people use when they are talking about trying not to spend money, often because they dont have very much. There are people who pinch penn...

  • 英语博客-北美风情 249 Friendship

    Over the years, some friends come and go, but others last a lifetime. This week at Culips, were talking about friends. First, we talk about childhood friendships and what that can be like, and we also talk about making friends as an adult, which can...

  • 英语博客-北美风情 248 To dot your i’s and cross your t’s

    At Culips, we always try to focus on the details and get everything right for you! The expressions in this episode are used to talk about analyzing and examining things, checking for information, or making sure that everything is perfect. Of course,...

  • 英语博客-北美风情 247 Getting educated in Canada

    A big thank you to Carlos for asking us about education in Canada! This episode is all about that very subject. Harp and Maura talk about the Canadian public school system, and outline what college and university are in Canada. They also talk about t...

  • 英语博客-北美风情 246 The numbers are skyrocketing

    What goes up must come down! Things are always changing in todays world, and thats why we decided to make an episode about things going up and going down. Especially in the news, we often hear about increases and decreases, and they use lots of diffe...

  • 英语博客-北美风情 245 Customer service

    Everyone likes to get good customer service, but we dont always get it. In this episode, we talk about tipping (where, when, and how much), and about how to handle a situation when the service was not so good. Harp and Maura also share their own pers...

  • 英语博客-北美风情 244 Like water off a duck’s back

    When someone says something negative or critical about you, sometimes it can bother or upset you. But its important not to take things like this too personally, just like this weeks expression: like water off a ducks back. In this episode, we look at...

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